Pilates Instructor Katy Roelle

Katy Roelle

Certified Pilates Instructor Badge
  • Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
  • TRX Certified
  • GRID Trigger Point Certified
  • Barre Above Certified
  • PMA Member

After earning her BFA from FSU in 1985, Ms. Roelle studied the Pilates method for 10 years in California while pursuing a career in dance. Katy's experience as a professional ballet dancer/choreographer led her to touring the south pacific and the orient with Princess Cruise Lines. Katy has been a consultant for amateur and professional athletes across the United States.

Her foundation and focus is in classical Pilates. Extensive understanding of biomechanics and functional movement, along with years of teaching experience, enables her to develop and teach techniques used in injury prevention and rehabilitation, sport-specific, geriatric, and special population training.

Katy has been creating and spearheading Pilates teacher training courses for nearly a decade in high-end health clubs and private Pilates studios, such as:

Reformation Pilates trained instructors currently teach in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Colorado, California, Brazil, Italy and Peru at LA Fitness', YMCAs, Churches, Pilates studios, and dance studios.

Ms. Roelle currently dances with Lee Harper Dancers, and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Reformation Pilates Studio Staff

All instructors have participated in an in depth formal Pilates training program including the traditional method of Pilates as well as the contemporary approach. A minimum of 3 years of Pilates experience combined with anatomy of movement and apprenticeship under the Reformation style of Pilates taught by Katy Roelle.

Teacher Training & Continuing Education

Pilates is a highly disciplined and analytical method of exercise. Because of the form-intensive nature of the exercises, it is important to learn from and apprentice under trainers who are skilled in the Joseph Pilates' original method, and who understand functional anatomy and the biomechanics of exercise. Reformation Pilates Studio is pleased to provide such a program. Group fitness instructors, personal trainers, yoga instructors and Pilates students are all great candidates for Pilates certification. Call for information or to be placed on the waitlist.
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