Pilates Students on Reformer

Reformation Pilates

Specializing in individual and small group programming on the Pilates apparatus.

Reformation Pilates Difference

Pilates Instructor

Cues and modifications are based on the biomechanical movement, such as correct alignment and joint range of motion.

Dancer on Pilates Reformer

Experienced in training professional athletes, dancers, fitness-minded who want to add another level of challenge, as well as pregnant women, and rehabilitation clients.

Pilates Instructor on Reformer in Plank

New insight into movement, posture, strength, and mind-body connection.

Pilates Student on Reformer in Superman Pose

Exercise direction given based on individual physiology and personal goals.

Pilates Instructor on Reformer in Warrior 2

Unlike franchise Pilates training, Reformation Pilates Studio guides you through a safe and progressively challenging workout regimen while incorporating innovative techniques with the traditional Pilates discipline.